Kreative Kids Child Care

We think that Kreative Kids Child Care provides the best child care resource in Rotorua and we would like to tell you why.

This family child care centre was established in the Selwyn Heights Community, nestled under Mt Ngongotaha in 1999 due to a perceived lack of quality child care centers. Originally set up as a day care provider for young children to provide our community with a high quality national child care resource allowing you as parents the option of not only freeing up your time but more importantly, ensuring that your children are stimulated and are educated to become independent learners.

This great child care resource has been developed into three distinct learning environments that are defined by age groups that allow a pathway of learning that your children journey through to become better learners.

This pathway is the



1/Baby  Centre. It all starts with your baby where we cater for a small group of under two year olds.

2/Toddler Centre. During the age of two to three the toddlers spend time getting specialised support and education to stimulate their learning progression.

3/Young Children’s Centre. This is where the preschool children really benefit from the quality child care resources that we provide.  The children are really extended to increase their level of learning.

Each area is unique and caters to your child’s needs as they progress throughout their milestones and Early Childhood Education.

Kreative Kids is focussed on providing high quality child care and we endeavour to be the best child care Rotorua has, with a high teacher to child ratio. All of our teachers have great qualifications that contribute to their ability to give your child the high degree of input from qualified and dedicated educators that they need to stimulate them to greater learning.

Kreative kidz also prides itself as a child care center that also has great outdoor facilities with a natural environment that includes sand pits, seats, and plenty of grassed areas for the kids to spread out in. The surrounding murals set it off as a fun place to be. With the purchase of the large section next door there are plans for an extended play area that will include mud pits and a dirt bike ride course set among gardens and fruit trees. This will provide a great asset to enhance the children’s learning environment.

Kreative Kidz extended its service to the wider Community in 2001 when it created an Out of School Care Program at Selwyn Primary School due to no program being available in the Selwyn Heights area. This now caters to 70 children per day aged 5-14yrs. It provides Free Breakfasts Programs at 2 schools, Before School Program, After School Program and Holiday Program which caters to 50 children per holidays. Kreative Kidz was fortunate to receive Government Funding called Extended Services in 2009 that in turn created a new kitchen and Community Garden on the school site. Funding also extended into the 2 programs which has enabled the children to have wider and more diverse opportunities. We pick up children from school and deliver to our program. Our activities include golf – Golf BOP, Tui Ridge – outdoor facility with loads of activities, Music Tuition – ukulele, guitar, Cooking- Gardening program, sewing, arts n crafts, sports, planned out of town trips and excursions.

We can only cater for a limited amount of children and our quality child care resources are highly sought after so if you wish your child to benefit from the team at Kreative Kidz, please contact us early to ensure your child gets the best child care Rotorua has available.

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