Mickey & Friends

I would just like to take a moment to thank you for the home you rented to my family and I between the dates of July 15, 2000 thru July 20, 2000 at your Kissimmee location. Renting a summer home over the Internet can be very risky and a potential disappointment, but as with my occupation and many others, you either “roll the dice” or stay home. Well, I took a chance on Families First providing my family and I with a comfortable, relaxing home this summer vacation and we came out winners! My wife and I were amazed at what we had received for our buck and immediately fell in love with the property and location. My children, ages 7 and 10, spent the last 4 months in great anticipation of going to Disney World for four days but by the time they had found their way to the pool at our rental, they lost substantial interest in Mickey & Friends. It was literally a chore to keep them at the parks away from the rental and of course… the pool. My wife was so please with the cleanliness and amenities of the rental and the absolute beauty of the landscaping. However, both of us found ourselves drawn to the convenience
and sanctity of the pool our children so diligently commanded.

We are truly grateful for such a wonder experience and look forward to future trips to your properties. Your staff was extremely courteous and helpful to our needs and considerate to our privacy. Hotel and motel chains frequently drown you with service and interruption when you are trying to spend time relaxing, not answering the doorbell. We were called one time in our entire stay to assure everything was in order when we first arrived, after that our last words were when we were leaving.


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